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Return Trip

Leaving Banff, we stopped to visit Johnson's Falls on the Bow River not too far from the city of Banff. lake_Louis..elby_MT_029.jpglake_Louis..elby_MT_032.jpglake_Louis..elby_MT_031.jpglake_Louis..elby_MT_040.jpglake_Louis..elby_MT_034.jpg
We returned home pretty much the way we had come. We drove past Calgary.lake_Louis..elby_MT_112.jpg We stopped at "Heads Smashed In" in Alberta where Blackfeet Indians killed buffalo by enticing them to stampede off a cliff. "Heads Smashed In" is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.lake_Louis..elby_MT_135.jpglake_Louis..elby_MT_133.jpg
We said goodbye to the Canadian Rockies and were on the road again.lake_Louis..elby_MT_149.jpg
Pretty soon, it was flat, empty landscape again, dotted with oil rigs.lake_Louis..elby_MT_066.jpglake_Louis..elby_MT_143.jpgThe leaves had changed color during the three weeks we'd been traveling.St_Paul_to_end_090.jpg Montana isn't very populated and there was a lot of road construction work going on. One stretch of the state highway was just in the process of being built and we drove 12 miles on a dirt road bed led by a pilot car,shelby-glendive_114.jpgpassed "Snowdown" a big Montana skiing resort.shelby-glendive_070.jpgshelby-glendive_073.jpg This is a photo of one of Montana's many, many casinos.shelby-glendive_135.jpg
After stopping overnight in Shelby, Montana, in a local motel that looked like something out of the 60's with a desk clerk who told dumb blond jokes, we spent a couple of days in St. Paul with Bev, an old roommate from DC, and her husband Paul.St_Paul_to_end_082.jpgSt_Paul_to_end_079.jpg
After St Paul, we stopped in Oak Park, IL, in the suburbs of Chicago to visit friends Dominique and Charlene and had lunch at one of Chicago's famous Portillo's restaurant with its Chicago crime scene diorama. St_Paul_to_end_131.jpgSt_Paul_to_end_105.jpgSt_Paul_to_end_107.jpgHere are some of the homes Frank Lloyd Wright designed and built in Oak Park.St_Paul_to_end_121.jpgSt_Paul_to_end_111.jpgSt_Paul_to_end_119.jpgSt_Paul_to_end_109.jpg
Next was a quick visit to Grove City, PA, where I grew up (K). Grove_City_College.jpgdowntown_GC.jpgformer_Bessemer_plant.jpg Grove City College's main building, downtown stores, Bessemer steel plant (no longer used for steel). I grew up on Bessemer Avenue down the street. We had lunch at Adolph and Barb's (childhood friends of Max's) in Waynesville, PA St_Paul_to_end_171.jpg Then it was home. 7000+ miles later.

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Banff, Yoho, Jasper National Parks, Alberta

Trans Canada 1 - The Icefield Parkway

The highway up the northern part of Banff National Park (Trans Canada 1), above Lake Louise starts out flat and then travels up the mountains (at one point, a hairpin curve at about a 45 degree angle). It's called the Icefield Parkway because it passes several glaciers, of which the Columbia Icefields are the biggest. The railroad that carries freight trains parallels this highway but cuts through the mountains via a spiral tunnel in Kicking Horse Pass. The big depot is in the town of Field. louise_2_Feild_falls_061.jpglouise_2_Feild_falls_062.jpglouise_2_Feild_falls_063.jpglouise_2_Feild_falls_068.jpg
Houses in Field.louise_2_Feild_falls_069.jpg
Natural Bridge on the Kicking Horse River. The river has broken through the stone here to form a waterfall. Eventually the water will wear away a bigger passageway. louise_2_Feild_falls_076.jpgD447D0032219AC6817242F80CBD5BDD7.jpglouise_2_Feild_falls_081.jpg The mountain peaks, woods, debris left by an avalanche.
louise_2_Feild_falls_142.jpglouise_2_Feild_falls_049.jpglouise_2_Feild_falls_047.jpglouise_2_Feild_falls_045.jpglouise_2_Feild_falls_082.jpglouise_2_Feild_falls_147.jpgTakakkaw Falls, the second highest falls in western Canada.
Lake Emerald (named for the color of its glacier water) It really is emerald green!louise_2_Feild_falls_100.jpgD45CC5402219AC68178BB17271ADFA2A.jpglouise_2_Feild_falls_086.jpglouise_2_Feild_falls_097.jpglouise_2_Feild_falls_098.jpglouise_2_Feild_falls_095.jpg
Jaspar, Alberta - another important train depot on the Athabasca River
60CC300C2219AC6817207F8E7AA301D1.jpgice_feilds_Jasper_170.jpgice_feilds_Jasper_240.jpgIt was outside Jasper that we saw an elk family, big-horn sheep and mountain goats.ice_feilds_Jasper_182.jpgice_feilds_Jasper_190.jpgice_feilds_Jasper_191.jpgice_feilds_Jasper_333.jpgice_feilds_Jasper_197.jpgice_feilds_Jasper_175.jpg
Columbia Ice Fields are on the boundary between Banff National Park and Jasper National Park. This is the largest accumulation of ice and snow south of the Arctic Circle. The underlying areas have been there thousands of years! It has shrunk, though, to about a fourth of its original size. It's 325 square kilometers and is 300-360 feet deep. You can tour it in an Ice Explorer.ice_feilds_Jasper_137.jpgice_feilds_Jasper_318.jpgice_feilds_Jasper_130.jpgice_feilds_Jasper_132.jpg

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Lake Moraine, City of Banff, Banff National Park

Deer Lodge. A rustic, historic lodge near the lake at Lake Louise. Wonderful food, beautiful setting, very pleasant personnel. lake_Louis..elby_MT_001.jpglake_Louis..elby_MT_002.jpg
Lake Moraine, on the other side of Lake Louise and a very beautiful, smaller lake, also formed by a glacier. The debris that the glacier pulled down with it is piled at the foot of the lake. Max climbed it to take photos! louise_2_Feild_falls_017.jpglouise_2_Feild_falls_014.jpglouise_2_Feild_falls_011.jpglouise_2_Feild_falls_010.jpg DSCF0221.jpgThe mountain range is "Ten Peaks" (a couple of peaks are missing here). The peaks used to appear on the Canadian 20 dollar bill. louise_2_Feild_falls_092.jpglouise_2_Feild_falls_009.jpg
The city of Banff is the highest city in Canada. It's surrounded by mountains, which make for the great winter skiing, and consists largely of hotels that are all similar architecturally and cafés and restaurants. Banff_060.jpgBanff_078.jpgBanff_080.jpgBanff_062.jpgBanff_054.jpgBanff_081.jpgBanff_061.jpgBanff_107.jpgBanff_076.jpgBanff_070.jpgBanff_074.jpgBanff_055.jpgBanff_077.jpgBanff_083.jpgBanff_002.jpg Photos more or less in order: signpost indicating surrounding mountains, downtown Banff, park and mansion at southern end of the city, hotels and eating places, Indian trading post and fort (which houses an Indian museum with life-size dioramas depicting Indian life including how they caught eagles), an original house before Banff became a resort. The photo before the grizzlies is us eating ice cream cones in front of Cow's (great ice cream). Can you see me taking the photo in the reflection??
We took Bow River Parkway to get from Lake Louise to Banff and back again. Bow River Parkway parallels Trans Canada 1 and follows the Bow River where, reportedly, Indians would come to get wood for their bows from the birch and aspen trees. Banff_007.jpgBanff_021.jpg
2957F3F52219AC681717673BEAAB9F15.jpgBanff_045.jpgBanff_049.jpgBanff_087.jpgBanff_013.jpgThree Sisters Mountain, Storm Mountain (where storms originated because of its air currents), Cascade Mountain and Castle Mountain, and falls.

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Waterton, Lake Louise, Banff National Park, Canada

Prince of Wales Lodge in Waterton Internation Peace Park. It's in the northern, Canadian part of Glacier National Park. It was built in the 1920's. It's Swiss chalet style and is built all in wood. Because it sits up on a high bluff, it is buffeted by strong winds and snowstorms and was a struggle to build. People who stay on the upper ones of the 6 floors feel the hotel sway in high winds. It was named the "Prince of Wales" lodge to encourage the Prince of Wales (future King of England Edward VIII) to stay there, but he never did.glacier_to.._Lake_l_074.jpgtall_lobby..Wales_lodge.jpgAlberta_sunset.jpg The hotel doesn't have modern amenities like bathtubs, air conditioning, etc.
We arrived at tea time. Tea in the lobby was accompanied by a harpist. The lobby in the front of the hotel overlooks the Waterton Lake and the village of Waterton.entering_Alberta.jpgAlberta_countryside__2_.jpgPrince_of_..dge_-_front.jpgview_of_la..Wales_lodge.jpg Alberta_countryside__2_.jpg
Lake Louise is SOOO beautiful, has so much grandeur. Château Lake Louise is the park's lodge on the lake and the biggest and most impressive of the park's lodges. You can go canoeing on the lake. I encountered an aggressive sea gull at the lake's edge who brushed my cheek and took a bite of the sandwich I was eating then perched on the fence post behind me to wait for another attack. I packed up my sandwich and moved! -K
glacier_to.._Lake_l_226.jpg unseasoned_hiker.jpgEB62CA6A2219AC6817D9C0BEAB09084B.jpg
This is a picture of a couple who've brought their camp stove to Lake Louise mall, cooked their breakfast and are eating it there in front of the bike rental shop! I love it! lake_Louis..elby_MT_016.jpg

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Glacier National Park - Two Medicine and Many Glacier

Sept. 14

The only other road in Glacier is a short road to Two Medicine river, waterfall, lake, and mountain. Indians climbed up to the peak to seek strength and inspiration. Two_Medicine_mtn.jpg1EE317E92219AC6817444D308CE18A2C.jpgTwo_Medici.._mtn__falls.jpgTwo_Medicine_River.jpgTwo_Medicine_Lake.jpgTwo Medicine Lake is one of the Park's most beautiful spots.

Many Glacier Lake and Lodge are at the uppermost eastern end of the Park. The lodge has a Swiss air about it.
snow_and_glaciers.jpgMany_Glaci..in_backdrop.jpgMany_Glaci..ke_and_boat.jpgfront_of_M..acier_lodge.jpgMany_Glacier_lodge__3_.jpgMany_Glacier_Lodge_2.jpgMany_Glacier_Lodge_3.jpgMany_Glaci..in_backdrop.jpgMany_Glacier_Lodge.jpgoriginal_M..acier_lodge.jpg - painting of the original lodge

Various scenes: mountain views, a drugstore trompe l'oeil in Colombia Falls, a bike tourist's bike, huckleberries, a mountain goat (symbol of the Great Northern Rairoad), a Western magpie (Max's photos), sunset.
Recipe for a Montana sundae: 2 scoops huckleberry ice cream,friend bread, huckeleberry syrun poured over both and topped with whipped ice
cream and walnuts!
There are also huckleberry jams, juices, breads, pies, bread pudding, candy, daiquiris and margaritas! and candles!

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