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Montana's Open Skies and Vast Prairies

You can travel for hours in Montana without seeing anyone or anything. The main activity is farming and the farms are immense: hay, wheat, corn, sunflowers (for sunflower oil?), dairy, horse. The Blackfeet Indians have a large reservation in Montana. The Burlington National and Santa Fe railroad is a crucial link to communities.

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Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Medora, North Dakota

This park is huge and nearly as impressive as the Grand Canyon. A painted canyon, interesting rock formations, jilliions of prairie dogs and prairie dog towns, wild horses, antelope, mule deer (deer with mule-like ears, and buffalo.


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Jamestown, ND - Sept 6,2012


Jamestown was one of the earliest frontier towns as people began to push into the Northwest. The buffalo ruled.

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North Dakota

Dickinson and Janestown, ND

Dickinsonn is experiencing an incredible boom with natural gas fracking and oil drilling. (We had trouble finding a hotel that had vacancies and apparently this is the reason.) 1% unemployment rate, McDonald's paying $20 an hour, thousands of jobs that employers can't get filled even though people are showing up from everywhere in hopes of finding a lucrative job, construction everywhere. Gas is still expensive though and you can only buy from TWO companies: CE-EX or Tesoro. Tesoro is the company that owns and runs the North Dakota's ONLY oil company. North Dakota is the U,S,'s second largest oil and gas producer.

Speed limit in North Dakota: 75 mph. (Minnesota's was $70.)

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Farms on the Midwest Plains

Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota


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